MEP Co-ordination

One of our core skills and main activities include providing spatially coordinated building services drawings for MEP (M&E) consulting engineers and MEP (M&E) building services contractors for construction and engineering projects.

We utilise the latest tools and technologies to provide 3D MEP (M&E) coordination services to our clients in the healthcare, education, commercial, industrial, retail, and hospitality sectors.

All of our MEP (M&E) coordination/multiservice coordination work is created in a 3D environment for all the disciplines. By creating a virtual 3D model we are able to offer many advantages to our clients.

It allows us to ensure that there are no clashes (this can be validated easily using clash detection software tools).
It allows us to model and represent all mechanical components/kit accurately (unlike 2D MEP CAD drawings) and therefore ensures that spatial issues are addressed before getting to site.
Prevents site-based delays and disputes as all services have already been proven to work within the building.
Allows for ease of communication as the 3D model can be viewed and walked through easily for demo, review, value engineering or QC purposes by the building services trades.
Faster approval / sign off (compared with 2D drawings alone, the 3D model allows our clients to view detailed areas in a 3D environment).
Allows any number of views, sections and detailed 3D M&E (MEP) coordinated drawings to be produced easily and quickly.

Our team has extensive experience of working in the building services engineering sector with strong MEP (M&E) contracting backgrounds. This experience is used more effectively now in the CAD bureau environment where we utilise the latest technology to perform, validate and deliver our coordinated services drawings — providing a ‘clash free solution’ as part of our service.

By using the latest 3D MEP (M&E) BIM modelling software (Revit MEP) and clash detection technology (Autodesk Navy works) for building services coordination, we are able to verify that our spatially coordinated MEP building services models work to engineering standards and constraints as well as the structural and architectural elements within a building.

Our experience includes 3D BIM coordination of plant rooms, building risers, prefabricated corridor and ceiling modules for healthcare, education, entertainment, commercial and mixed-use projects.

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